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Jilin customers cooperate again!

time:2022/9/2  reading:1803 time

Recently, good news came from the sales department that Jilin's old customers purchased a batch of high-voltage test equipment from Wuhan UHV for power maintenance and repair projects.

The technical personnel of the client company have used the equipment of Wuhan UHV in the past few years, and they are very satisfied with the convenience and accuracy of the equipment of Wuhan UHV.The products of Wuhan UHV are highly praised as being very suitable for the on-site operation of electric workers.

After receiving the customer's purchase demand, manager Li, the regional head of Jilin, actively communicated with the customer about the product details. As Wuhan UHV has upgraded and revised some products in recent years, manager Li recommended several equipment selection schemes to customers based on the test functions required by customers for their reference.

After a week of communication, the customer selected the model and signed a purchase and sales contract with Wuhan UHV.

Due to the urgent need of the customer on site, Wuhan UHV also responded quickly and arranged all departments to cooperate with each other at the first time. The equipment has been delivered to the customer's unit a few days ago. In the follow-up, Wuhan UHV's technicians will also keep close cooperation with the customer's unit and escort the maintenance work of the customer's unit.

The customer unit once again chose to cooperate with Wuhan UHV, which made the Wuhan UHV people feel gratified and cherished. We sincerely thank our customers for their trust, support and company. In the future, Wuhan UHV will continue to innovate, adhere to its original intention, serve customers, and make its own contribution to the development of the domestic electrical measurement industry!

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