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Successful cooperation with Tianjin customers!

time:2022/8/26  reading:1930 time

Wuhan in August is hot and dreary. However, even in the hot summer season, the work of all employees of Wuhan UHV is still carried out in an orderly manner. The whole company is immersed in a busy working atmosphere.

Recently, Tianjin Science and technology development company purchased a set of equipment from Wuhan UHV. The equipment is mainly used for the operation and maintenance projects of the client company in Tianjin.



At the beginning of May, the customer company contacted UHV power and wanted to know about the equipment. Manager Hong of UHV power immediately responded and gave a detailed introduction to the overall situation of our company to the customer at the first time. Later, the detailed information of the corresponding equipment was also sent to the customer. The customer recognized the comprehensive strength of UHV power and lamented that the customer group of UHV power is indeed very broad!

The person in charge of the customer expressed great interest in the instruments we produced, but out of caution, he said that he still wanted to see the equipment samples before deciding whether to buy them.

This can't beat us! Although the distance is more than 1000 kilometers, there are many customers who have purchased our equipment in Tianjin. Then, through the matchmaking of other customers, the person in charge went to the site to see the equipment. After experiencing the use and operation process of the instrument on site, he highly recognized the equipment.

After confirming the order, the person in charge of the customer said that he did not hesitate to sign the purchase contract because of the professional quality and good reputation of the sales personnel of Wuhan UHV.

He believes that the product quality and after-sales service of Wuhan UHV will certainly satisfy him!

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