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Principle and usage of DC high voltage generator

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1. When the output voltage of the DC high-voltage generator is 200kV and above, although the test personnel wear insulating shoes and are outside a safe distance, due to the influence of the high-voltage DC ion space electric field distribution, several people standing nearby will be affected. with different DC potentials. The test personnel should not shake hands with each other or touch the grounding body with their hands, otherwise there will be a slight electric shock, which is more obvious in dry areas and winter, but generally does not cause harm to the human body due to the low energy.


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2. The DC high-voltage generator is a device that provides high-voltage DC power. As a device that can generate high-voltage, the first thing to emphasize is the safety issue! "Safety first" is the long ringing bell that the instrument user must keep in mind, and the instrument must be grounded reliably before using the instrument! The staff who use the DC high-voltage generator must have a professional with a "high-voltage test certificate".


 3. Before turning on the power switch on the instrument, make sure that the DC high-voltage generator is connected to the rated AC220V power supply, carefully check whether the wiring is correct, and also check whether the grounding wire of the high-voltage discharge rod is reliably grounded. In the step-up and step-down process of the DC high-voltage generator, it is necessary to maintain a slow rise and a slow-down, and a stable step-up is one of the most important points to prolong the service life of the DC high-voltage generator. In addition, try to avoid using the instrument over the range. After each test, return the voltage regulating potentiometer to the zero position, cut off the power supply, and then discharge the test object. The discharge process is divided into two steps. The special discharge rod should be used to discharge the test sample. When discharging, the discharge rod should not be in contact with the test sample immediately. The discharge rod should be gradually approached to the test sample. When a certain distance from the air gap begins, the discharge will begin to discharge with hissing sound. line discharge.

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