Insulation boot (glove) withstand voltage test device

HTTX-H Insulating Boots (Gloves) Withstand Voltage Test Equipment (Manual)

Special equipment for testing insulated boots (gloves) in electric power test

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Product Introduction

Insulation boot (glove) withstand voltage test device is designed and manufactured by our company according to the test procedure of gloves (insulated boots) and in accordance with the opinions of users. This product effectively solves the irregular test methods in the past, which simplifies the testing procedures and improves the testing speed. More reliable identification of gloves (insulated boots) leakage current, insulation aging, power frequency withstand voltage and other parameters. It is the ideal equipment for gloves (insulated boots). Its main features: It can test 3 pairs of gloves (insulated boots) at the same time, and can read each leakage circuit to accurately judge the unqualified gloves (insulated boots); the bottom of the structure can be moved freely.

Product nickname:Insulation boot glove pressure test device, protective tool insulation test bench, Insulation boot (glove) withstand voltage test device, auxiliary insulation tool test device, insulated boot insulating glove test device, live protective device insulation test device, insulated shoe insulated glove test machine , insulated boots insulated gloves testing machine

Product Parameters

Technical Parameters

Input voltage AC220V 50Hz
The output voltage 0~30kV
capacity 3kVA
test numbers 3 pairs each time
quality Glove (insulated boots) test car: 80kg ; power frequency withstand test bench: 70kg

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Product Certificate

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