Phase voltammeter

SMG2000B Double Clamps Digital Phase Meter

A high-precision, hand-held, two-channel instrument designed to measure voltage, current and phase

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Product Introduction

Phase voltammeter is a high-precision, low-price, hand-held, two-channel input measurement instrument designed for voltage, current and Phase measurement in the field.Using this meter, the phase between u-u, i-i and u-i can be easily measured in the field, the phase sequence of sensitive and capacitive circuits and three-phase voltage can be distinguished, the wiring group of transformers can be detected, the secondary circuit and bus differential protection system can be tested, the phase relationship between CT of each differential protection group can be read out, and the wiring of the electricity meter can be checked.The tongs current transformer is used to input the measured current, so there is no need to disconnect the measured line.When measuring the phase between u1-u2, the two input circuits are completely insulated and isolated, so it completely avoids the possible short-circuit of the measured circuit caused by wrong wiring, and thus burns out the measuring instrument.The display screen USES high-contrast Liquid crystal display with words up to 25mm and The screen Angle can be freely converted to about 70° for best visual effect.

Phase voltammeter shell USES engineering insulation materials, another rubber vibration protection sleeve, safe and reliable.

Product names: Phase meterDouble clamp phase tableDouble clamp Phase voltammeterClamp phase table、 Clip - on Phase voltammeter, Digital double clamp phase meter, Digital double clamp phase meter, Low-voltage volt-ampere phase meter, Hand-held digital double clamp Phase voltammeter Double clamp digital phase meter, Double clamp digital phase meter, Double-clamp voltage-ampere phase meter, Double clamp voltage-ampere phase meter, Digital display Phase meter, Phase voltammeter

Product parametersProduct Parameters

Reference to working conditions

Influence quantity Benchmark conditions Working conditions
Ambient temperature 23℃±1℃ <80%
Ambient humidity 40%~60% 10℃~40℃
Signal waveform Sine wave β= zero point zero five Sine wave β= zero point zero five
Signal frequency 50Hz±1Hz 45Hz~65Hz
Instrument operating voltage 9V±0.1V 9V±1V
Voltage amplitude during phase measurement 100V±20V 30V~500V
Current amplitude during phase measurement 1A±0.2A 10mA~20.00A
External electric and magnetic fields Avoid
Location of the tested wire The measured wire is at the approximate Centroid of the jaw

General specifications

Function Direct testing of phase, AC current, AC voltage, AC leakage current, and phase sequence; Transformer group, inductive and capacitive circuit discrimination; Power factor and power indirect testing
Power supply DC9V alkaline Dry cell (1.5V LR6 × 6)
Working current Turn on the backlight, with a maximum of 35mA and the battery working continuously for about 15 hours
Turn off the backlight, the instrument consumes approximately 5mA of power, and the battery operates continuously for approximately 100 hours
Display mode LCD display, white screen backlight function, suitable for dim places
LCD Size 70mm×62mm ;Display Domain:64mm×54mm
Instrument size Length, width, and thickness: 196mm × 92mm × 54mm
Sample Rate About 3 times/second
Range AC voltage: 0-20V/200V/500V
AC current: 0-200mA/2A/20A
Phase: 0-360 °
The amplitude range of the measured signal during phase measurement When measuring U1-U2 phase: 30V~500V
When measuring I1-I2 phase: 10mA~10.00A
When measuring U1-I2 or I1-U2 phase: 10V~500V, 10mA~10.00A
Data hold During the test, press the HOLD key to maintain the data, and the "DH" symbol is displayed
Automatic shutdown After about 15 minutes of startup, the instrument automatically shuts down to reduce battery consumption
Voltage detection When the battery voltage is below 7.8V-8V, replace the battery
Instrument quality The host is approximately 1140g (with battery), and the watch clamp is approximately 170g × 2. Test line approximately 250g
Test line length 1.5m
Current clamp wire length 2m
Operation temperature -10 ℃~40 ℃; Below 80% Rh
Storage temperature and humidity -10 ℃~60 ℃; Below 70% Rh
Impedance The input impedance of each test voltage range is: 1m Ω
When measuring the phase of U1U2, the voltage input impedance is 40k Ω
Pressurization Withstand a sine wave AC voltage of 1000V/50Hz between the instrument circuit and the casing for 1 minute; Test of withstanding a sine wave AC voltage of 500V/50Hz between two voltage input terminals for 1 minute
Insulation ≥ 10m Ω between instrument circuit and casing, and between two voltage input terminals
Structure Double insulation

Basic error and performance indicators under benchmark conditions

Voltage 20V 0.01V ± (0.5% of range) °
200V 0.1V
500V 1V
Current 200mA 0.1mA ± (0.5% of range) °
2A 1mA
20A 10mA
Phase 0~360° ±1°

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Product Characteristics

Phase voltammeter Phase voltammeter Phase voltammeter Phase voltammeter Phase voltammeter Phase voltammeter

Product Picture

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Product details

Product Certificate

Enterprise products in strict accordance with international and national standards and rules of industry production, through the national, provincial and municipal electric power research institute and electric power authorities detection, measuring center, fully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the licence for manufacturing measuring instruments of the People's Republic of China, GB/T19001-2016 quality management system requirements, GB/T24001-2016 environmental management system requirements, GB/T45001-2020 occupational health and safety management system requirements.

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