HTBX-H Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer( FRA Test Set )

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HTBX-H tester based on the measurement of the windings characteristic parameters inside the transformer, the tester using the world's developed countries sound internal fault frequency response analysis (FRA) method, able to make an accurate internal transformer fault judgment.
After the completion of the design and manufacture transformers, coils and its internal structure to be finalized, therefore a transformer coil winding, if the voltage level, method of winding are the same, each coil corresponding parameters (Ci, Li) is determined. Thus the frequency domain response characteristics of each coil also will determine, among the corresponding three-phase coil has a comparable frequency spectrum.  
It occurs inter-turn, phase short circuit during the test or collision during transport, causing the coil relative displacement, and during operation under short circuit and fault conditions due to the tension caused by the electromagnetic, coil is deformed, it will make the distribution parameters of the transformer windings changes. Thus influent and change the existing frequency domain transformer frequency response feature, that frequency response amplitude changes occur and resonance frequency shift, etc. HTBX-H applies to the internal structure of fault detection 63kV ~ 500kV power transformers.
FRA quantization process transformer internal winding parameters response changes in the different frequency domain, according to the value of the change magnitude, frequency response magnitude change, regional and response trends, to judge the transformer internal windings degree of change, in turn, can determine whether the transformer has been severely damaged, need to overhaul measurement.
For the running transformer, regardless of whether there is a saved frequency domain feature picture in the past, by comparison the difference between fingerprints of fault transformer coil can also judge the degree of fault. Of course, if you save a set of transformer windings original characteristic graph easier for the operation of transformers, maintenance and inspection after the accident analysis and provide a strong basis more accurate.
FRA from the laptop and chip microprocessor precision measurement systems, compact, easy to operate, with comprehensive test analysis function.

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