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  • HTHL-100A Micro Ohmmeter

    Nowadays Power Systems widely use model QJ44 DC double arm bridge to measure contact resistance (DC resistance and Loop resistance of high-voltage circuit breaker) while the minimum current of such model is 1mA which hardly find the decrease of cross-sectional area of transformers’ conductive circuit conductor. The measurement of loop resistance of high voltage switchgear is affected by oil layer and oxide betwee...

  • XC/TC Control cabinet/console

    This product is special corollary equipment for our AC hipot testers. The operation cabinet is convenient to use, safe, reliable, strong and durable, with high performance, beautiful outlook, easy to carry. Necessary equipment for supply companies, large factories, metallurgy, power plants, railways and other required electrical maintenance department.

  • GPXZ-L Resonance Test System for Generator

    As the development of the electric system, the capacity of the equipment more and more larger, for example, the capacity of single machine of the thermoelectric generator group is more than 1000MW, the capacity of single machine of the hydroelectric generator group is more than 800MW, if use traditional equipment (frequency test transformer) , need large capacity, test transformer, voltage regulator are very ...

  • HL Series Standard Current Transformer

    1. This product is composed by primary winding and secondary winding 2. To test according the standard current marked on the name plate. 3. Can do 5/5 or 1/1 current self calibration. 4. with roller, easy to transport.

  • GM-10KV HV Digital Megohmmeter

    For safety, before use the instrument must be well earthed. That’s because the measured target connects to high voltage power, and exists power frequency leakage.  Once high voltage has started, do not use manual discharge method to check the instrument. After test, please wait the instrument completes automatic discharge and automatically returns to zero, then manual discharge can be operated. That is b...

  • HT2671F Digit Megohmmeter

    It takes computer technology as kernel, LSI combined with digital circuit, equipped with strong measurement and data processing software , finish the insulation resistance, voltage tests, with stable features, easy to operate.

  • HT2533 Pointer Insulation Resistance Tester

    With the rapid development of China's power industry, electrical equipment preventive experiment is an important part in protecting the safety operation of power system and maintenance. Insulation diagnosis is an important method to detect insulation defects or failure. Pointer insulation resistance tester is the special instrument to measure insulation resistance. JJG662-89 "insulation resistance meter (megger)"...

  • HTDW-5A Ground Network Earth Resistance Tester

    Currently in the power system, it is mainly used frequency large current three-pole measurements to test the ground network earth resistance. In order to prevent frequency interference generated by the power grid operation, to improve the accuracy of the measurement results, insulation preventive test code states: the test current of frequency large current method shall not be less than 30A. Thus, the test equipm...

  • HTYKS-H Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester

    HTYKS-H Automatic open cup flash point tester, with a touch screen replace the keyboard. It can detect the open cup flash point value of petroleum products. Adopts foreign advanced technology, the large-screen LCD display, it is prompted to enter by full-screen touch buttons; it is convenient, open, fuzzy control integration software, modular structure, in line with the national standard, the United States, and t...

  • HTi160A Thermal Infrared Imager

    HTi160A Thermal infrared imager takes the advanced infrared detector with UFPA Uncooled focal plane and high-quality optical lenses as the core, combined with convenient operating system, leading ergonomic structure design and expansion accessories with perfect functions. It is an ideal temperature measurement tool with "clear imaging, accurate measurement, simple operation, and portable to carry" for applicable ...

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