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  • ETCR 2000 Earth Clamp Meter

    ETCR2000 series Earth Ground Clamp Meter is a major technological breakthrough in traditional grounding resistance measurement. It is widely used in the grounding resistance measurement of electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oilfield, construction and the industrial and electrical equipment. ETCR2000 series Earth Ground Clamp Meter, in the measurement of a grounding system with loop current, doe...

  • HTJY-80B Transformer Oil Tester

    Our HTJY-80B transformer oil tester industrial MCU controlled, use LSI, new I/O interface, special detection and anti-jamming technology, greatly improve the instrument performance.

  • HTZH-2H SF6 Synthesized Tester

    SF6 synthesized tester integrates SF6 micro- water detector, SF6 purity tester, and SF6 decomposition analyzer as one. One time field measurement can complete the three detections, greatly save the gas in the device, which can save 2/3 of gas usage, while reduce the user's workload and improve work efficiency.

  • HT-TC Cable Fault Detector

    The normal operation of cable-communication and electric transport completely rely on the good condition of the cable-circuit. Once the circuit breaks down and without punctually examination and repairing, it will no doubt trigger the mass economic loss and bad social influence. So the electric fault measuring testing instrument is a very important tool. The intellectual testing instrument uses multiple testing m...

  • HTZZ-5A Transformer Resistance Tester

    DC resistance measurement of transformer winding is a very important test project. In the "electrical equipment test procedures", it ranks second in transformer test project. "Electrical equipment test procedures" provides that it is necessary to measure the DC resistance of transformer windings during transformer transfer, heavy maintenance, and light maintenance, changing tap joint position, troubleshooting...

  • HTGZ-H Automatic Transformer Calibration Equipment

    This device based on principle of newest virtual Instruments design, users just need operate the virtual interface by using the mouse and keyboard, input the transformer type, measurement range, precision class, capacity, power factor, can finish the transformer test, analyze, calculate and manage the test results, and print all kinds of records and certificates according users requirements. This is the ideal equ...

  • HT5600 Earth Resistance Tester

    Good grounding system is an important guarantee of safe and reliable operation of electric power, telecommunications and electrical equipment. The quality of earth resistance is judged by its size. Finding an accurate, fast, simple and reliable method to measure earth resistance has become urgent in lightning protection and grounding field. HT5600 Multifunction Dual-Clamp Earth Resistance Tester can be applied to...

  • HTJY-80S Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Tester (Three Cups)

    This equipment was designed on basis of GB-86“Oil-insulating testing”, the process and result displayed by LCD, built-in EEPROM , can save 50 groups test results, all work can finished by mouse, test results printed by micro printer. This equipment is easy to operate, with powerful functions, stable and reliable, with strong anti-jamming ability, without death halt during the test.

  • HTCD-H SF6 Purity Analyzer

    HTCD-H SF6 purity analyzers is used to measure SF6 purity of SF6 air and the mixed gas of SF6 and N2. Probe assembly can be quickly and accurately measure the SF6 purity. Under normal circumstances, after startup the instrument without waiting, instantly to measure and get the purity value quickly.

  • HTXL-H Transmission Line Test Set

    This equipment used to test the distance between fault position to the measured transformer when aerial transmission line in short circuit or open circuit. It applies to the overhead transmission line under 35kV, which with permanent single phase earth fault or disconnection fault; make the tests for fault line in the substation. It can measure the exact distance, confirm the broken poles, convenient for maintain...

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