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  • HTFA-103 CT PT tester

    The products put into the market after a lot of market researches, strict field tests and the authoritative department identification by our R & D team. Instrument adopts high performance data processing and microcomputer control architecture, advanced manufacturing process, to ensure the product performance stable and reliable, fully functional, high degree of automation, high test efficiency, is a profe...

  • HTCT-201 HV CT Ratio Tester

    HTCT-201 breaks the traditional structure, specializing in on-line measurement of high-voltage current transformer in service under 60KV, primary and secondary current, ratio, and leakage current of transformers. It consists of high voltage detector, low-voltage current clamp, main tester, high-voltage insulation rods. The wireless transmission signal is able to penetrate obstacles, such as walls of buildings...

  • HEY-H CT/PT calibrator

    HEY-H CT/PT calibrator is our new generation of CT/PT on-site calibration device in order to better adapt to the environmental characteristics of transformer on-site verification. It has been further improved in accuracy and intelligence.

  • HTGZ-H Automatic Transformer Calibration Equipment

    This device based on principle of newest virtual Instruments design, users just need operate the virtual interface by using the mouse and keyboard, input the transformer type, measurement range, precision class, capacity, power factor, can finish the transformer test, analyze, calculate and manage the test results, and print all kinds of records and certificates according users requirements. This is the ideal equ...

  • FY-H Transformer Load Box

    FY series current, voltage transformer load box supply various real load when test current or voltage transformer, it is the ideal auxiliary product for transformer detectors. It is strictly designed according JJG313-94<current transformer verification regulation>, JJG314-94<voltage transformer verification regulation>, it is with advantages of large output capacity, great variety of load, light weigh...

  • SL Series Current Generator

    This product is the power for current transformer primary current when test current transformer, or others 50HZ single phase power equipment.

  • HJ Series Standard Voltage Transformer

    This product is an self-boosting, integrated and combined type voltage transformer which special designed for basic power supply and product department. We supply gas-filled standard voltage transformer and dry type standard voltage transformer.

  • HL Series Standard Current Transformer

    1. This product is composed by primary winding and secondary winding 2. To test according the standard current marked on the name plate. 3. Can do 5/5 or 1/1 current self calibration. 4. with roller, easy to transport.

  • HTDN-3I Energy Meter Calibrator

    HTDN-3I three-phase electric energy meter calibrator is the newest product. The measured part of the product adopts high speed A/D transmission to send DSP to conduct digital processing, which greatly improves measurement accuracy and stability. Central processing part adopts 32-bit ARM embedded technology to make instrument interface novel, function abundant, operation distinct and easy, and performance steady. ...

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